Transporting Lowered or Modified Vehicles

First off, you're probably thinking, "How do I find out the ground clearance of my vehicle?". It's simple really... grab a measuring tape, have a look for the lowest point of the vehicle (this may be the exhaust, front bumper, side skirts, etc). Once you know what the lowest point of the vehicle is, measure from there to the ground. This measurement will determine if your vehicle can go on a standard interstate transporter or whether it will need to be transported on a specialised truck with hydraulic lifts.

The majority of trucks require your vehicle to have 15cm ground clearance, to ensure that the vehicle does not scrape while they drive it up the ramps and onto the truck. We can provide you with a quote to move vehicle with ground clearance as low as 8cm however, you will need to specify this in your quote to ensure that you are quoted correctly.  If your vehicle has less than 15cm ground clearance, it will be loaded on a truck with hydraulic lifts instead of ramps to ensure that it does not scrape.

It's best to check the ground clearance if you are unsure to avoid additional fees and headaches. As the saying goes.... It is always better to be safe, than sorry!

Next up, modified vehicles. If your vehicle has a body kit refer to the information above. If your vehicle has other modifications such as toolboxes, roof top tents, been converted into a coffee van, converted into a campervan, etc.there is some additional information that we will need to ensure that your quote is correct.

To obtain a quote for a vehicle with any of these modifications mentioned above, you will need to submit a specialised quote. We will need to check the overall dimensions. Our standard dimensions are Length 5m, Width 1.9m and Height 2m. If the vehicle exceeds these dimensions normally or due to modifications we will need to know. Given that they are bigger, they take up more room and generally cost a little more to transport. Also, there are some trucks that are not equipped to take modified vehicles, so we will need to take these factors into consideration when quoting.

Hopefully this has made obtaining a quote for your lowered or modified vehicle a little easier. If you are still unsure or confused, or simply would like to speak to our lovely customer service team, please feel free to call us.

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