Do the sums stack up on the towing capacity of new aged dual cab utes?

What isn’t mentioned by the manufacturers is GCM and GVM of the vehicles.  For the top of the range Nissan Navara (the St-X) it has a GCM of 5910kg and GVM of 2910 kilos.  If you are towing 3500kg as per the capacity, this only leaves 489kg for the family, luggage, prams, and any after market accessories such as canopy and bulbar.

A review of many other utes on the market, found exactly the same result.  450 odd kilos, is very easy to fill the vehicle with when you have a family or are taking the toys away with you on a holiday while towing the boat.  This is risky business as you are technically breaking the law, you are endangering your life and those of others and your insurance cover would be null and void if you did in fact have an accident.

So while it all may sound great on paper, you need to do the sums and the math.  In the end, the buck stops with the driver. So do your research and look for more realistic or other options when choosing your next vehicle.

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